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Welcome to Heal & Rejuvenate

We are Holistic Healing & Advanced Acupuncture Center In Pune. 
These fully-licensed clinic is staffed by well-trained and specialized professionals to ensure quality and comprehensive medical care. With experience in providing Holistic Healing & Advanced Acupuncture services in Pune, Heal and Rejuvenate offers a one-stop services for your medical needs.


Heal & Rejuvenate is a
Advanced Acupuncture Center in Pune, confidently operating Holistic Healing & Advanced Acupuncture services.

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Our Mission

Core Value

We seek always to create
& deliver value for you.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer first class health and well-being treatments in Pune.

Our Vision

Trusted partner for health. A healthy community with quality, affordable healthcare for all.

Quality Policy

We practice high standards through an effective quality management system to assure that our services meet.a standard quality of service.

Why Choose Heal & Rejuvenate Center

There are many reasons to choose Heal Rejuvenate as your healthcare provider of choice.
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Our team of highly trained therapist

“ We are Proud to have a Team of Dedicated Therapists with varying interests and background ”

Dr. Mukhtar Shaikh

Homeo path, Acupuncturist & Hijama Therapist

Neelofar Shaikh

Acupuncturist / Cupping therapist

Zoya Khan

Acupuncturist / Cupping therapist

Raheel Shaikh

Acupuncturist / Cupping therapist

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Operating hours are between 10am to 7pm, 7 days a week.